Our wonderful towns in Hertfordshire are home to dozens of authors. Hertford and Ware alone account for more than 22 book clubs, at least 15 booksellers, two amazing libraries and tens of thousands of potential readers. 

Our small committee of multi-taskers believe in the power of strong community spirit. We want to contribute to the increasing number of excellent events held in our Town Centres by organising Herts Book Festival 2022 – the first of ‘hopefully’ many! 

Drawing our inspiration from the number of talented published authors we have on our doorstep, the Herts Book Festival is a free event for people of all reading ages and abilities – because we believe books are for everyone.

Committee Members

Our Vision

The Herts Book Festival is an annual festival for the benefit of the people in Hertfordshire.

We aim to:

  • advance education and literary skills.
  • distribute books to children and young people who may not otherwise have access.
  • promote reading, writing, books, stories and other literature related activities.
  • maximise the contribution that books, authors and literature can make to the local economy, culture and community.
  • improve access to books and literacy education by ensuring activities are inclusive.
  • support both local and national authors.

We are a member of the Global Association of Literary Festivals connecting with literature festivals around the world.