Ann Graves

Ann runs her own creative business, Wiggles Bear, and is author of Holly Hermit Crab’s New Friends.

She has always enjoyed books and reading, preferring to escape into an imaginary world. Although she found writing hard, both physically and technically, reading came naturally to her and opened even more doors for her ever active imagination. This imagination is something she has passed on to both of her children through nurturing their love of books. Her son is an avid reader, while her daughter loves to have stories read to her. Ann used pictures she drew in her son’s bedroom to inspire her books’ sealife characters. When he was younger, they would make up stories for the characters, which led to her pursuing her childhood dream of becoming an author. Her first book Olly Octopus Shares A Smile was published in 2019.

Ann’s enthusiasm for books has inspired many aspects of her work, especially in her career as both a Primary and SEND teacher. In addition to her books, Ann uses her website and social media platforms to share her wealth of knowledge as a teacher through play-based activities in her blog posts and downloadable resources, alongside tips and information in her posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Ann’s website:

Twitter: @AuthorGraves

Instagram: @anngravesauthor