Cassidy Reyne

I was born and raised in Sweden but now live with my husband in London. An avid reader from a very young age, I also used to write little stories. As I got older, I kept my stories in my head, forgetting I could write them down, and stuck to reading every book I could lay my hands on. An unintentional comment from my sixth form English teacher convinced me that I was no good at writing fiction and should stick to analytical essays. Fast forward 30 years, and after raising two amazing children to be independent adults, faced with a serious case of empty nest syndrome, I decided to challenge myself and do the thing that scared me most: write a story.

My first book, The Sentinels – Saving Her came from a tiny remnant of a dream many years earlier that I spent many hours developing in my head during stolen minutes of peace, and in those brief moments before and after a night’s sleep. I haven’t stopped since. 

I now have four books in the Bound by Conviction Series (The Sentinels), and the first book in the Agent of Honor Series published on Amazon. A free download of the full length prequel to the Bound Series is available on my website and several more books are in the works.

Writing romance is my passion and my books are suspenseful tales filled with nail-biting action, bossy, overprotective alpha males, and sassy, independent heroines. My books are filled with heart wrenching romance and passionate happily ever afters. In my world, soulmates do exist.

I refill my soul while looking out over the water on the small island outside Stockholm where I was born. When not writing, I can often be found in the countryside with my camera, or enjoying a glass of champagne in some beautiful surroundings.

Instagram: @cassidyreyne