Chrissie Daines

Hello, I’m Chrissie. I grew up in Westminster but have lived near Ware in rural Hertfordshire for twenty years. I worked in government for many years on policy development, briefings and ministerial speeches and was also a senior diversity and equality advisor. I escaped the drudgery of a long commute by devouring numerous novels. 

I enjoy escapism, as reflected in my creations. I often dress as an elf at events to promote my Christmas story. Elves are sublime creators, instinctively imagining and conjuring up glorious gifts for young and old alike. I, too, strive to craft inclusive, meaningful and ultimately joyful delights through my words and art. 

Edward and the Christmas Grumps is an adventure in the kingdom of Santarctica. Edward and his big sister Jill play a magical game using Archie the Advent calendar with enchanted gifts. But, to win, and save Christmas, they must outwit malevolent General Grump and his band of dimwit grumps.

The story is aimed at middle-grade but is popular with other children and adults. The novel includes my own watercolour illustrations and a stop-motion video of The Grump Grumble song from the tale. The video’s diorama and models are especially popular at events. I’m thrilled by the book’s reception and reviews. It’s a LoveReading4Kids festive recommendation, and a Mom’s Choice Gold Award winner in the USA. 

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