Gemma Keir

As the parent of a little boy with multiple disabilities, I found there is a lot of support and information for adults, but not so much for children. This made me come up with an idea, as I have always had a positive outlook on life and we believe it is important to remind our child how special he is and remind him of all the things he is capable of. I wanted something to help me explain his condition to him and I also wanted to educate his siblings/peers and show them that it is not just his ‘disability’. 

So I came up with an idea to write a book series called The Abilities in Me. I have now released 20 book titles, which have reached #1 best sellers in inclusive education and parenting children with disabilities and have sold worldwide. I’m now writing a mini series about feelings.

We have now become a registered charity and a global foundation, which I am very proud of. All of our books are inspired by children in real life. 



Instagram: @theabilitiesinmebookseries