James Lindsay

Like many people, James Lindsay is no stranger to stress and anxiety. But in his case, leaving those struggles untreated led to a full psychotic episode that hospitalised him for the better part of a month. With the help of medication and therapy, he has now overcome this dark period and is currently living a much happier life. But his story doesn’t end there. Now, with his book Befriending my Brain: a Psychosis Story he wants to help others avoid the same fate by sharing his experience, including the red flags he recognises in hindsight and the path he charted to recovery. 

James Lindsay is 32 and lives in Watford with his fiancée in their flat. He works in the marketing team at Hertfordshire Mind Network, a mental health charity. He aims to use his lived experience of mental illness to help others by raising awareness and ending stigma. You can connect with and follow James by visiting https://linktr.ee/jameslindsay

Twitter: @JamesLindsay23 

Instagram: @jameslindsay_23/