JD Groom

In true Sagittarian fashion, Jodie was born to learn, travel, and have multiple projects on the go! Her fictional tales – like her interests and hobbies – are spread over many genres, ranging from short stories to a full size novel.

Sorceress of Truth, the first novel in The Divine Prophecy Series, is the story of Tory Harper, a young woman coming of age while growing into powers that she knows nothing about. The world around her is a lie and she falls into the truth almost by accident. At the same time as she finds her life turning upside down, she learns that there is the threat of a demon rising, looking for revenge and out to destroy the world as we know it. Tory quickly has to come to terms with the fact that nothing is as it seems, and that trust and betrayal go hand in hand.

As well as writing, Jodie enjoys crafts of all kinds, reading, has an interest in history, and is a big fan of Formula 1.

Instagram: @jodie_at_home

Website: www.jdgroom.com