Jonathan Wonham

Jonathan Wonham writes poems about less-considered aspects of the modern world in a style that is often experimental but also humorous and accessible. His poetry was first published by Faber and Faber in the book Poetry Introduction 7 (1990). Since then, he has published six books of poetry: Steel Horizon (Incline Press, 2013), Ordinary Others and Vulgar Variants (Drizzle-Dazzle, 2020 & 2021), The Lady on the Plank (2022), Until Independence Day (2022) and Without You! (currently in press for 2023). Steel Horizon is a series of poems that describe the lives of oil rig workers in the North Sea. The book is illustrated by Nick Wonham, the author’s brother. Ordinary Others and Vulgar Variants are part of a trilogy of books, each of which presents a series of sixteen ‘ordinary’ people in prose poetry. These two books are illustrated throughout by Suzanne Smith. 

The Lady on the Plank / Until Independence Day / Without You! is a trilogy of books that contain poem-a-day responses to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War with all proceeds going to Ukrainian refugee charities.