Josie Dom

Hello! In a ‘previous life’, I lived in Ware and worked in Hertford, before selling my home and setting off on an around-the-world adventure in 1999. So, it is with great excitement that I am returning to the area, this time as an author, to be part of the Hertford Book Festival.

Becoming a Mum in 2006 woke a creative impulse in me, and although my children are now teenagers, I am still writing for younger readers with picture books very much my genre. I love creating amusing stories to make children smile and have the fun of story-time in their lives.

I have published two picture books: Lum and Lum’s Mum, for children age 3-7 which follow the adventures of Lum as he learns about friendship. There are plans for a further 5 books in the Lum series. 

In 2020, I wrote a rhyming story telling the tale of what happened when humans weren’t able to compete in the Olympics and Paralympics, with the animal kingdom stepping up to compete instead. Led by Woodpecker Will there are trampolining moles, golfing ostriches, weightlifting gorillas and many more. Animalympics was published in 2021, beautifully illustrated by Sarah Lou.

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