Ken Boyter

Ken Boyster

Ken is a writer and performer, co-creator and host of the fantasy YouTube channel The Bottled Imp. He created the Mythical Tales from Edra fantasy world to showcase his literature, spoken word audiobooks, visuals, and creative projects. His epic illustrated medieval fantasy verse storybook The Legends of Grimous Ironblood recounts the myths, tales and stories of healer and Arch-Mage Grimous Ironblood, with over 50 black and white illustrations by Rich Nairn.

In 2020, Ken wrote, narrated and created the short five minute animation film ‘The Glass Princess’ that tells of sibling rivalry, a struggle for power, extreme cruelty, and extreme kindness. The film was awarded ‘Runners Up’ in the Southern Maltings 5 Minute Film competition, which had more than 900 entries from around the world.

To date, Ken has written over 20 fantasy short stories for his patrons who support his creative projects. He is planning to publish the first volume of ‘Mythical Tales of Wonder’ this year and has had a contemporary short story in all seven of the Hertford Writers’ Circle fiction anthologies. His short story ‘The Glamarye and the Changeling’ was published in the weird and speculative fiction ‘Exterus’ anthology, edited and published by G. Owen Wears.

Following on from our successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, Story Spark Cards Mythical Creatures Deck, Ken and Rich Nairn are back with the Magical Objects Deck, perfect for fantasy authors, gamebook authors, DMs and RPG players, storytellers, teachers and lovers of precious things to help spark ideas and imagination. 

The Kickstarter campaign goes live on the 1st of May 2023 but you can click on the link and click the ‘Notify me on launch’ button and bag an Early Bird Reward straight away once launched! Be quick, they’re limited.

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