Lauren Forsythe

Lauren Forsythe writes books about the complexities of modern relationships, excellent friends you’ll never give up and boys with pretty eyelashes who are all wrong for you. 

THE FIXER UPPER was released in 2022, about a woman who sets up an agency to ‘fix’ your boyfriend, rebalancing the emotional labour in relationships. But when she’s hired to fix up her first love, it all starts to fall apart. 

DEALBREAKERS is released in August 2023, about a dating app that allows women to leave reviews on the men they date. When developer Marina is tasked with a work competition against her nemesis, uppity content writer Lucas, she thinks the dealbreaker app is going to be the way to bring him down. After all, he’s everything she doesn’t want. So why, the more time they spend together, does it seem like he might be Mr Right after all?

THE FIXER UPPER and DEALBREAKERS  are both published by Piatkus in the UK, and Putnam’s in the US.

You can also find THE FIXER UPPER on audiobook.

Instagram: @laurenforsythe_author

Twitter: @laurenF_writer