Lauren Forsythe

By day, Lauren Forsythe is a content marketing manager, finding ways to get writing into people’s eagerly waiting eye-holes, and by night…well it’s the same thing, but with more wine. Lauren writes books about strong women, men with pretty eyelashes and friends who save your life.

Lauren lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, her newborn son and a rescue cat that gets more pampered by the day. 

Her forthcoming debut, The Fixer Upper, is a comedic look at the emotional labour of women in romantic relationships. Alyhas a problem: she can’t stop helping her boyfriends. Whether she’s doing their laundry (it’s easier than watching them struggle to measure detergent) or writing job applications for them, she makes men… better.

Her best friends Eric and Tolacall it ‘The Aly Effect’: every last one of her unemployed, guitar-strumming, man-child exes are now happily-married successes, while Aly is still single and waiting to be promoted after eight years in the same job, working for an exclusive service for women who are tired of fixing clueless, commitment-phobic men. Before long, a mysterious celebrity client hires them for their biggest challenge yet: turning her boyfriend into the perfect fiancé in three weeks.

There’s just one catch. He’s Aly’s first love.  

And he’s not pleased to see her . . .

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