Leila Nabih

Leila is a Hertford based illustrator and surface pattern designer. She designs greeting cards, and runs children’s workshops locally. She also illustrates children’s books. 

She has authored and self-published several picture books of her own, that have received the approval of children and parents alike. Her first book was the story of “Joy’s Sneakers“, which is currently being re-edited and will be published with revised illustrations. She has also illustrated a version of Little Red Riding Hood that was inspired by Charles Perrault version of the story. 

In 2020, she published “Bear Loves Pears” where Bear, the main character of the book,  is a young bear that doesn’t speak very much, but he is always hungry. The second book featuring Bear, takes place on Christmas Eve, where Bear is anxiously “Waiting for Santa” but is too tired to make it through the night awake and his mum knows it.

You can find out more about Leila on her website here: www.leilanabih.com

And you can follow her and buy her books on amazon here.