Matt Adcock

I’m an author based in Hitchin. Writing my first novel, Complete Darkness, was an amazing experience but seeing it sell hundreds of copies and hearing from readers all over the world about how much they enjoyed it was an incredible bonus. The inspiration behind the twisted tale of ‘what might happen if we one day accidentally mapped ‘Hell’?’ drew from many sources: films, books, video games and comics, lots of comics, including Mark Millar’s work such as Kick Ass, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight and 300, as well as Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

As a huge comic book geek, I’d always dreamed of one day creating a comic and when I found an up-and-coming artist Karl Brown whose artwork suited the story so well I knew it had to be. The process of adapting the novel to comic has been a fascinating one – and whilst this issue stands alone as the prologue to the novel it would be great to continue translating the nightmare future world into comic form.

As well as Complete Darkness I have short stories published in two cyberpunk anthologies (Neo Cyberpunk vol 1 & 2) and a horror short story coming out in a new collection ‘Dread Cold’ later in 2022. Am currently working on several more tales including ‘The Hertfordshire Drownings’ and a second Darkmatters Novel.

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