Nick Hughes

Hi! My name is Nick Hughes, and I am an aspiring children’s author. I used to ice-dance professionally, so choreography and storytelling was a big part of my life growing up. With my skating partner, we competed internationally for Great Britain and were on the British Olympic Squad, which was a fantastic experience.

I love performing and being creative and am currently working as a Director for a VFX company in London. In my spare time I have always loved making up stories and reading them to my friends’ little ones and my own. 

I was working as Technical Director on the CBBC series ‘Dennis and Gnasher’ where I met Ross Burt (, the show’s Art Director. After seeing his remarkable ability to bring characters to life so quickly in such detail, I started finishing up some of my stories and getting a plan together to get him to illustrate them. When I saw some of the concept work he did for my Bloated Bear book, I was so amazed that I knew I had to complete them. Ross is now the amazingly talented illustrator with whom I work to make these books. 

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