Paul Walker

Paul is a writer of fiction, a creative writing tutor and director of an educational trust. He writes in a garden shed, which serves as an office and bolthole. 

He is the author of the William Constable series of spy thrillers. These are based around real characters and events in the late 16th century. The first two books in the series, State of Treason and A Necessary Killing, were published in 2019. The third book, titled The Queen’s Devil, was published in the summer of 2020. All are published by Sharpe Books who specialise in history, historical fiction and crime fiction.

Paul’s latest book, A Turbulent Peace, published in the summer of 2022, is set at the end of WW1 when the focus of the World is on the Paris Peace Conference. Add a dash of Spanish Flu, the fallout from the Russian Revolution, and the novel is primed for plenty of intrigue as nations strive for territory, power, and money.

Paul is a member of the Society of Authors and the Historical Writer’s Association.