Pauline Hazelwood

Pauline comes from Devon and trained in illustration at the Central School of Art and Design, and went on to happily illustrate other people’s books, like The Tales of The Riverbank, Anthony Horowitz promos, and much more for quite a few years until… Pauline’s career took a side step..

After her third son she started oil painting and went on to exhibit work at the National Portrait Gallery and the Mall Galleries. Things were going along nicely and just when she thought that she would never go back to illustration, there was another switch in career.

Saddletank Books came about through a strange encounter with a railway enthusiast. There was obviously a need to get all the amazing history of the engines out there for everyone, as other railway stories were making up too much and anyway real engines have had the most amazing adventures and did very important jobs. So the fun began…

Pauline visited lots of great places and talked to a lot of very clever people who know the real facts before sketching, writing and self-publishing the books with all the crazy true facts that she had found. These popular, lavishly illustrated books are now sold at heritage railways all over the country (and around the world too) and  Pauline travels round to events with her model railway and large soft sculpture of Alice, encouraging everyone to understand more about mechanical engineering and our amazing history, and encouraging everyone to sketch and paint more too. 

True stories about real engines at Saddletank Books… with more on the way. for all the information on the books and events and some of the many reviews. for all the paintings and art classes that Pauline runs

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