Philip Cox

Born and raised in the Essex town (now city!) of Southend on Sea, Philip has lived in Hertfordshire for 30 years. After leaving school with A levels in Maths, Chemistry and Physics, he joined a local building society for what was intended to be a year out before university. However, this year out eventually became over 20 years, as Philip remained in banking and financial services, rising through the ranks and reaching the post of Branch Manager in several locations, including Barclays Bank in Ware.

In 2009, following the birth of his eldest daughter, Philip took a career break from banking, and wrote his first novel, After the Rain, which was published in 2010. More books followed over the years, and his thirteenth, The Trail, is due out in Spring 2022.

The 13 books include two series: one based in London featuring newspaper reporter Jack Richardson, of which The Trail is number four; and the other, currently running at five titles, featuring Los Angeles Police Detective Sam Leroy. Philip has spent a lot of time in Los Angeles over the years, and his knowledge of the city has given inspiration to these stories.

Other, standalone, titles have been set in London, New York, and Miami, also locations which Philip knows.

During what spare time there is between school runs and writing, Philip enjoys indulging his interest in model railways.

Philip’s website is

Twitter @philipcoxbooks