Philip K Allan

Philip K Allan comes from Hertfordshire, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. He has an excellent knowledge of the 18th century navy, having studied it as part of his history degree at London University, which awoke a lifelong passion for the period. A longstanding member of the Society for Nautical Research, he is also a keen sailor and writes for the US Naval Institute’s magazine Naval History

He is the author of the nine book Alexander Clay series of naval fiction set in the age of sail. The first book, The Captain’s Nephew, was published in January 2018, and immediately went into the Amazon top 100 bestseller list for Sea Adventures. He is noted for the prominent roles he gives to sailors as well as officers in his stories, producing what one critic described as “a sort of Downton Abbey afloat.” The newest in the Alexander Clay series is On the Malabar Coast.

Philip has also recently turned his attention to the Second World War. Sea of Wolves is a novel set during the Battle of the Atlantic, and a sequel, called The Wolves in Winter, has just been published. 

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Philip Allan