Roderick O’Grady

My debut novel Bigfoot Mountain was published in 2021 and its sequel Bigfoot Island is now out, both from Firefly Press.

Bigfoot Mountain is about Minnie, a 12 year old girl, who recently lost her mum, living with her step dad in a remote cabin, at the foot of a mountain range near the sea in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. 

One day she and her friend Billy find four HUGE footprints in the woods. Her stepfather Dan thinks it’s hoaxers but Minnie thinks she knows better. The events that transpire in the woods and around their cabins bring them closer and help them deal with their grief. 

The story is told partly from Minnie’s point of view and partly through the eyes of a young Sasquatch – the Bigfoot of the Canadian forests. Their stories begin to intertwine. I’ve created a community of Sasquatches who have had to move over to this side of the mountain due to forest fires and as guardians of the forest must manage the wildlife that is crowding the mountain slopes. 

The story is about seeking balance, understanding the rhythms of nature and, ultimately, it’s about love, loss, family, and connection.

I used to be an actor when I lived in New York, before I came back to London. After 18 years I returned to an acting career, but then the pandemic struck – so between acting jobs I decided to write a story set in a magically beautiful forest where large bipedal hominids roam…