Steven Vinacour

Steven Vinacour has been a writer for over 25 years. He started his career as a script writer for The Big Breakfast back in the 90’s and went on to write and direct television shows, commercials and award-winning branded content. 

So far he has written five children’s novels and one adult novel. His comedy adventure series Ted & His Time-Travelling Toilet has been a show in South Africa, a children’s trail in a Roman Museum and been used to teach English to students in Hong Kong. The books are all about an ordinary boy who just so happens to be able to flush himself down the toilet and travel back in time to seek help from historical figures. 

Steven has been a professional radio presenter, voiceover artist and stand-up comedian. He can’t sing, plays football badly, his dancing abilities are questionable and he’s not very good at being an adult. Steven doesn’t take life seriously enough and probably should know better.

Twitter and Instagram: @stevenvinacourauthor