Talya Bruck

Talya Bruck hails from South Africa: she came to the UK as a young drama teacher to study Dramatherapy and never left.  She has been working with children, young people and their families for over 20 years and is also a systemic practitioner and clinical supervisor. She established Savanna Therapeutic Stories at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, to offer stories aimed to help families, educators and therapists support children and young people to begin to process the time we found ourselves in. 

The original Covid-19 stories are all housed on her website https://savanna-therapeutic.org.uk  as free PDFs. ‚ÄčThe stories tell the tale of four Savanna friends Silo, Peter, Hetty and Gerry along with El the wise elephant and how they navigated the tricky time.  The stories explore the themes of change, the unknown, friendship, loss and much more. 

Savanna Therapeutic Stories has gone on to explore other topics to help children and young people process difference, tricky feelings and challenging situations/life experiences that they and their families might go through. The stories are all appropriate for primary school aged children.