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Book launch at the festival: Robots and Romances…

An international group of writers are launching their first anthology at the Book Festival, with an imaginative and thought-provoking look at the modern world.

AI is rising and threatening to change our way of life, so The Tea Set has invited it over for afternoon tea and a slice of moist lemon drizzle cake. The result is Tasseomancy with hugbot and fukbot, an eclectic mix of poems, stories, and images from nine creative women exploring what AI means in their world. It’s a collaboration on every level, from the ideas to the design, and was realised across countries, crises, and time zones. There are robots and romances, murderers and moments of pure beauty. There’s a lot to make you think.

The Tea Set writers’ group began, unsurprisingly, over a cuppa and a conversation about books back in 2014 and has grown in size and ambition ever since. The group is a supportive network of women at various stages of their creative journey and, often, in different countries. They meet online and in person, and have creative weekends away inspired by books, architecture, ice cream, each other, and the smallness of life. 

This is their first published anthology and the next one is already brewing… Find them at

The book launch will be taking place in the Talks Tent at 12.30pm on Saturday 18th. Bring your cup of tea and join them!

Tasseomancy with hugbot and fukbot