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Book launch: Books That Help with Talya Bruck and MG Vaciago

Stories are an ideal medium for helping children to deal with difficult feelings and for adults to find a gentle way to explain complex situations and problematic topics. Join Talya Bruck and MG Vaciago at 10.00am on Saturday 18th May in the Storytime Tent for the launch of their new books, and find out how they tackle sensitive issues through entertaining stories.

Talya is a professional therapist who started her Savanna Therapeutic Stories series in 2020 to help primary school age children navigate the pandemic.  The series has gone on to explore other topics to help children and young people process difference, tricky feelings and challenging situations or life experiences that they and their families might go through. Her new book is Leena and Her Two Dads.

MG Vaciago created the Big Little Voice series, initially to inspire and empower her own children. The series has gone on to reach a wide readership, and help kids find their voice and their resilience. The series is all about encouraging a child to connect with their inner superhero, to help them navigate through life.  She will be talking about her new book Big Little Voice Calms the Storm.

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