Routes to Publishing FREE workshop with Nikki Vallance and Karen Skinner

Join us in conversation with Nikki Valance and Karen Skinner for this free workshop on how to get a book published. 

Do you have a book you’d like to write but have no idea how to get it published? In this interactive workshop learn from two local authors, Nikki Vallance ( and Karen Skinner ( about the routes they took to publication and the alternative options available to writers today. Come prepared with all your questions and take away your own action plan to getting published

About Nikki Vallance

A motivational speaker, author and creative writers’ coach, Nikki began writing her debut novel Pivotal whilst still working in her 20 year recruitment career, having set a goal to inject creativity back into her life. A work of contemporary fiction, Pivotal looks at the multiple paths a life may take at the crossroads of each significant decision, when Dulcie, Elizabeth, Annie and Liza’s lives are thrown into chaos by a mysterious bequest. It was a 2020 finalist in both The People’s Book Prize and the Page Turner Awards.

Nikki is now delighted to be a judge for the Page Turner 2022 Writing Award and the Writing Mentorship Award, both for unpublished writers. An avid reader across many genres, Nikki is especially keen on contemporary stories full of emotion, and realistic characters who jump off the page. Whether you make her laugh or cry, she doesn’t mind but she does want to be simultaneously challenged and entertained through beautiful writing. Books which leave her thinking are her favourites.

About Karen Skinner

Karen has always loved reading and has been writing short stories since she was at school. Karen grew up in Enfield and attended school there in the 80’s, where she describes herself as being reasonably good at English and utterly terrible at everything else. Encouragement from a kind teacher inspired Karen to keep writing throughout her school days and beyond. Karen and her husband lived only two streets apart, but didn’t meet until introduced in their twenties. They moved to the Hertfordshire-Essex border to raise their family. A love of books has always been a big part of Karen’s life. Karen insists that books left unread are like neglected friends, while books she has loved are lifelong friends waiting to be revisited. Karen has been a member of the Hertford writers circle for 14 years, please find a useful link to their website at the bottom of this page.

Gods of Outrageous Fortune was a novel with a particularly long and difficult birth, but the events of 2020 meant that while everyone else was practising sourdough, Karen had the time to revisit her book and finally get it finished. This is the first of the Dodecarchy series, a small collection of stories that will take the reader on an adventure of crime, conspiracy and travel from the UK to Greece and back again.

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